Agricultural Insurance Policies

Owning and running a farm can be an extremely difficult task. The early morning feedings, the care of the livestock, and tending the crops are all vital to the the continued success of your farm. Not to mention all the work with tractors and other farm equipment. If you fail to perform all of the […]

Insuring a Mobile Home Park

At JMI Insurance, we understand the complexities of owning and running a mobile home park. This is why we’ve spent countless hours becoming Portland’s experts for mobile home park insurance. In most mobile home parks, the tenants own their mobile home while not actually owning the land the home is on. There are many risks […]

The Importance of Restaurant Insurance

Starting your own restaurant is no small endeavor. Much money is needed to get a business like this up and running. You will need comprehensive restaurant insurance. This includes gathering the required permits, constructing a proper kitchen and purchasing plates, silverware, and food supplies. But before you get started you should know what it costs […]

Winter-time Insurance

The winter season can be extremely hazardous for your vehicle and your house. Winter weather is credited for more accidents than any other season. The key to making it through any winter is being prepared. Preparation before hand can prevent a lot of damage to your home or car. The cold weather can wreak havoc […]

Insurance for Your Business

Starting up a new business requires a lot of work before it is completely functional. The biggest concern is making sure that you haven’t forgotten or overlooked any aspects before opening. If you overlook buying the correct insurance to protect your company from any liabilities you are making a huge mistake. Business insurance not only […]

Lathen Gorbett

Lathen Gorbett Lathen Gorbett is JMI’s exclusive supplemental insurance policy and voluntary employee benefits representative. Lathen Gorbett specializes in supplemental insurance policy, voluntary employee benefits, business insurance, commercial insurance, recreational vehicle insurance and all types of auto insurance. Lathen Gorbett is a true Oregonian and enjoys working closely with clientele to make sure they have […]

Voluntary Employee Benefits

Voluntary Employee Benefits We specialize in voluntary employee benefits. Our experienced agents help business owners like you provide voluntary employee benefits that do not cost you anything. Voluntary employee benefits policies are 100% employee paid and there are no direct costs to the business owner to offer these benefits to their employees. The business owner […]

Crime Insurance

Crime Insurance We at JMI Insurance are excited to be one of the most reputable and esteemed independent insurance agencies operating in Portland, Oregon. We are devoted to giving our customers first-rate insurance and service. We are specialists in all kinds of Oregon commercial insurance, from brewery insurance to restaurant insurance, we do it all. […]


Bonds We specialize in bonds. Our experienced agents have worked in the bonds industry for over 30 years. This extensive experience means you get the right insurance policies for the right price. Bond Policies JMI Insurance will give you the bond options you are looking for. Selecting the right bond policy can be difficult but […]

Workers Comp Insurance

Workers Comp Insurance At JMI Insurance, we have a staff of hard-working, talented insurance agents who will work hard to guarantee your satisfaction. Our agents are very knowledgeable when it comes to workers compensation insurance coverage, and can help you find a policy that improves your business and makes for happier and more productive employees. […]