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Making Sure Your Restaurant is Covered

Friday, July 26th, 2013

If you are in the restaurant business, then you are surely aware of all of the things that could go wrong on any given day. Your restaurant could be burglarized, catch on fire, or a customer could choke on his/her food. Without Oregon Restaurant Insurancethe right insurance, you might not have a safety net to fall into and you could get sued.

The first kind of insurance you should get for your restaurant is property insurance, just in case one of your cooks accidentally burns your establishment to the ground. The second would be general liability insurance. In today’s world, people sue over spilled coffee, so it is smart to buy this insurance in case one of your customers chokes or slips and falls in your restaurant. If you own a restaurant with a liquor license, then you should definitely invest in liquor liability insurance. If a customer has too much to drink at your restaurant and then drives into a retaining wall or something along those lines, then you will have coverage in place to protect your business. Another kind of insurance you should invest in for your restaurant is worker’s compensation. If a worker injures herself on the job, then you certainly want some insurance in place to help that employee get back on their feet or to cover the costs of a lawsuit. Another very useful type of insurance for restaurant owners to consider is food contamination insurance. Say the power unexpectedly goes out, and you have a freezer full of perishable food items; this insurance will pay for all of the food that is lost and replace it.

Restaurant insurance can be confusing and frustrating at times. JMI Insurance in Portland, Oregon is a respected and trusted company that offers excellent insurance for restaurants, as well as any other business you might run. Give us a call to request a free quote!

Unbelievable Insurance Claims

Saturday, July 6th, 2013

For as long as insurance has existed, there have been people who attempt to take advantage of it. Most of the outlandish stories that insurance agents hear end up being cases of fraud, but in some very unlucky cases, outlandish Portland Auto Insurancethings actually do happen to people and end up costing them a lot of money, especially if their insurance claim is denied due to how ridiculous it sounds.

One such incident occurred when a woman was driving her Range Rover to pick up her kids from school. As she was driving, she felt something tickling her leg. When she looked at her leg, to her horror she saw a massive, hairy spider crawling up it. The woman forgot her surroundings and started frantically shaking her right leg to get the spider off. During her battle with the spider, she drove straight into a tree.

Another crazy insurance claim involved a pair of stiletto heels and a piece of toilet paper. A woman was using the bathroom at a busy restaurant/bar, when a rogue piece of toilet paper attached itself to her stiletto. The woman then slipped on the toilet paper and fell, breaking her wrist. She ended up trying to sue the restaurant, but failed because they found her stilettos and intoxication were more of a factor in her slipping than a slippery floor or low-quality toilet paper.

Another hilarious insurance claim involves a woman rear-ending another car. The woman claimed that the car in front of her stopped abruptly, so the rear-ending wasn’t her fault. However, when two witnesses of the accident were questioned, they said they saw the woman eating a bowl of soup and steering with her elbows. She lost the case.

Finding quality insurance can be a pain, but JMI Insurance in Portland, Oregon, prides itself on being a reliable insurance agency. We offer Winery Insurance and Restaurant Insurance in the Portland Metro Area. Call us today or visit the website to get a free quote.

Winter-time Insurance

Friday, January 4th, 2013

The winter season can be extremely hazardous for your vehicle and your house. Winter weather is credited for more accidents than any other season. The key to making it through any winter is being prepared. Preparation before hand can prevent a lot of damage to your home or car.

The cold weather can wreak havoc on your home even if you are prepared for it. Water pipes can potentially be frozen during the winter time which can lead to it bursting. Rooftops can collapse from added weight due to snow and ice. Gutters may clog and cause water damage to your roof. There are ways to try and avoid these from becoming problems. Leave cabinets open so the heat can reach the pipes and leave sinks dripping to help avoid a frozen or burst pipe. Clean out your Auto Insurance in Wintergutters so there is nothing to obstruct the flow and cause damage.

Road conditions become very hazardous in the cold. Wet or icy roads can cause a loss in tire traction, rain or snow can greatly impair visibility while driving, and with all the holiday distractions drivers may not be paying full attention. Any one of those can lead to a potentially fatal accident. Drive using slow, deliberate maneuvers to reduce your potential of being in or causing an accident.

Preparing for the winter is good to avoid accidents but the best way to prepare is by getting an insurance plan that fits your needs. Talk over your situation with an experienced insurance agent to find what best suits your winter needs.

Insurance for Your Business

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

Starting up a new business requires a lot of work before it is completely functional. The biggest concern is making sure that you haven’t forgotten or overlooked any aspects before opening. If you overlook buying the correct insurance to protect your company from any liabilities you are making a huge mistake. Business insurance not only protects your company but it can protect you personally as well. If someone is wronged in some way in relation to business dealing with yourInsurance for Restaurants company and they feel monetary compensation is required they will try to get that money. As they care little for the source of the money if they can’t get it from the business they may attempt to get it from you directly.

There are many types of insurance available to businesses. This is in response to the varied needs of different businesses and the potential risks that they face. Perhaps the most important for a large majority of companies is worker’s compensation. This type of insurance is designed to protect companies in the event of an employee getting injured on the job. Crime insurance or also known as fidelity insurance is always a good idea to protect you from placing your trust in the wrong person. Getting crime insurance can protect your company from embezzlement, computer fraud, counterfeiting, forgery, or theft.

When attempting to find the correct insurance format to fit your business it is best to find an experienced and trustworthy insurance agent. An experienced agent can help you to narrow down what types of insurance are important for your business and help you to find the best deal for those insurances. JMI provides comprehensive Portland business insurance policies.

Personal Auto Insurance

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

Personal Auto Insurance

JMI Insurance is a Portland insurance agency that believes in putting its customers first. We work exclusively for our customers, not insurance providers, so that you can rest assured that we have your back when it comes to choosing a personal auto insurance policy that provides satisfactory coverage at a reasonable price. When it comes to quality Portland auto insurance, JMI’s quality of service can’t be beat.

Personal Auto Insurance Policies

Personal Auto Insurance Portland Oregon

At JMI Insurance, we work with 15 of the most trusted and highly acclaimed insurance providers and carriers in the business. This provides us with a huge selection of personal auto insurance policies to choose from. Our knowledgeable and dependable insurance agents have more than 30 years of experience when it comes to carefully sifting through insurance policies to find the one that fits your specific needs. You can never predict when an auto accident is going to happen, and you also can’t predict how much it is going to cost you in repairs and medical bills. You want an insurance policy that protects you, your family, and your property in case of an accident. You also want that coverage to be provided at a reasonable cost. We are aware of these concerns and will always take great care and effort to find a policy that provides sufficient coverage for you and doesn’t break the bank.

Protection You Can Count On

Personal Auto Insurance Portland Oregon

Being a local and independent insurance agency allows us to focus primarily on providing outstanding customer service with a personal touch. Our hard-working and courteous insurance agents are always happy and willing to talk with you face-to-face to answer any questions you might have. They can help you understand the details of your insurance policy, and they can give you sound and helpful advice as well. We are happy to give our customers peace-of-mind when it comes to unexpected accidents.

Local & Reliable

Personal Auto Insurance Portland

We take great pride in being one of the most dependable local insurance agencies in Portland, Oregon. Our insurance agents will always be honest with you, and will always put your interests first. Contact us by phone or online to request a free and instant auto insurance quote.

The Industry Leader for Personal Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

Commercial Auto Insurance

At JMI Insurance, we are dedicated to providing superior quality insurance coverage for our customers in Portland, Oregon and beyond. Our insurance agents have more than 30 years of experience working with various companies and businesses to provide them with the best possible commercial auto insurance coverage. We have the knowledge and experience to select a policy that will provide protection for your company at a price that fits your budget.

Commercial Auto Insurance Policies

Commercial Auto Insurance Portland

For any business that uses vehicles to transport its products, commercial auto insurance is a must-have. Our experienced and resourceful insurance agents can compare insurance policies from 15 of the most reputable insurance providers in the industry to provide you and your business with many different options for coverage. We will help you find a policy that not only covers your company’s vehicles, but also covers the cargo those vehicles are carrying as well as the employees operating those vehicles. In other words, we will find a commercial auto insurance policy that adequately protects all aspects of your business. Our highly skilled and experienced insurance agents will work hard for you to find the best possible insurance policy for your company.

Protection You Can Count On

Commercial Auto Insurance Portland Or

In addition to providing our customers with a great selection of commercial auto insurance policies, we provide the most reliable customer service in the Portland area. You can never plan for when an accident is going to happen, but you can be prepared for it. Not only do our diligent and cordial insurance agents set you up with a policy that provides sufficient coverage, but they are always available to talk to. When you call JMI, you won’t have to deal with any of those frustrating automated recordings. You will speak with one of our insightful insurance agents in Portland. They will listen attentively and address any questions or concerns you may have regarding your policy.

Local & Reliable

Commercial Auto Insurance Portland OregonWe will take the time to listen to your needs, find the best policy options for you and will be there when you need us.  We have made a commitment to our clients, they come first.  We’ll go out of our way to fulfill your needs and provide the highest level of customer service you’ll ever find.

Your First & Only Choice For Insurance

JMI Insurance is an independent insurance agency, and we are excited to be able to offer outstanding insurance coverage to all of our customers. We do insurance the right way. Contact us via phone or online to request a free, no obligation quote today!